Don't become an artist.  That's what everyone said.  I tried really hard  to listen.  I gave it the old college try three times, all the while drawing in the margins of my calculus books and copying Gray's Anatomy, when I should have been studying military history.  After getting a few degrees and exploring more than a few careers, I finally gave in to my calling and design to produce much art, some of it good.  I am an artist.

I hope you enjoy my paintings, in which I pass along the color and brushstrokes that I feel.  Recently, those brushstrokes have been small.  I've turned to painting in small tins and cigar boxes, both to upcycle, to allow myself room to paint a lot, and to make paintings accessible to those who want to buy them.  I've been painting portraits with The Pretentious Cleveland Portrait Artists, painting special commissions and painting the landscape as winter turns to spring.   And most recently, I've tugged on some roots that I have in botany and anatomy with mixed media paintings that honor our bodies.

While art is a part of everything I do, it's not all I do.  I spend my days with my family (husband and four kids, Springer Spaniel and 4 chickens--and if I had my way, I'd add pygmy goats), and we do art and life together.  We get out into the beautiful spaces of the Pacific Northwest and walk, hike and run.  We grow a garden (with many healing herbs).  I invite you on this journey with me--to see what the seasons and this bountiful life brings us.  If you have questions or would like to take a class or request a work of art, please contact me!